The First National Delivery-Only Restaurant Chain For Independent Restaurateurs

TWO HENS represents the next step in the evolution of digital dining. By combining a traditional brand license for a delivery-only optimized menu, with a package of professionally "done-for-you" services, Virtual Restaurant Consulting is levelling the playing field for independent restaurants who need to compete in the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry - at home delivery.

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Updated: Mar 8

An Increasing Number Of Independent Restaurateurs Are Opening Profitable Delivery-Only Restaurants.

If you are among our thousands of regular readers you know that Virtual, or delivery-only restaurants, are part of the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. Our partners at Virtual Restaurant Consulting have created the only program in the world with the exact steps, tools, tips and templates for you to open a successful delivery-only restaurant in as little as sixty days. These are the same methods they use to successfully run more than thirty Virtual Brands of their own. Click HERE to learn more.

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