2019 Restaurant Trends: Virtual Restaurants, Mobile Technology, Big Data

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

In it's 2019 digital trends series, crowdsourcing review site G2 highlights Virtual Restaurants, Mobile Technology, and Data as keys to future restaurant growth.

Echoing several other forecasts, the digital trends report from G2 highlights the issues facing the restaurant industry. With cost and margin pressures growing, one of the bright spots and possible sources of profit growth are Virtual Restaurants, combined with greater use of technology and data to improve efficiency.

These have been recurring themes in the past twelve months as billions have poured into delivery and technology platforms like DoorDash and Uber Eats creating both a threat and opportunity to existing restaurant owners, and those seeking to enter the industry.

While many restaurant operators are comfortable with the idea of takeout, many are less knowledgeable about the logistics of delivery and the importance of constant data analysis and review. With customers easily able to leave instant feedback, and systems that track exact time from order to meal readiness to delivery time, data analysis is becoming an increasingly important part of restaurant operations and success.

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