2019 Top Emerging Brands Restaurant Chains

The 2019 list of Emerging Brand restaurant chains has just been released and Cava Grill is number one.

Cava Grill

Restaurant data, marketing and analytics firm Fishbowl, just released it's 2019 list of the top Emerging Brand restaurant chains, with Cava Grill taking the number one spot.

Cava Grill, is a fast casual chain of 70+ restaurants offering traditional Mediterranean (Greek) cuisine in a modern setting. It was founded in 2006 in Washington DC. It is often compared to Chipotle.

According to the report from Fishbowl "Emerging Brands in the restaurant industry are chains with 5-75 units that exhibit a strong promise of potential growth in the near future and embrace progressive developments that are innovative and unique. They generate excitement – consumers want to ‘discover’ them and they feel ownership as the brands grow".

The top ten Emerging Brand restaurant chains on the list are:

Cava Grill


True Food Kitchen

Dig Inn

Mendocino Farms

Urban Plates


The Little Beet

Bibibop Asian Grill

Punch Bowl Social

Geographically, the most number of brands have emerged from Texas with 11, followed by California with 10, and Florida with 6.

Not surprisingly, the most stated reason for liking these brands by customers was the food. It was not just the taste but also the availability of healthy, vegan or gluten free options. However, before you decide to take all the less healthy items off your menu, be aware that the single most mentioned food item in reviews was fried chicken!

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