A recent survey of chefs in the United Kingdom found that 81% have experienced poor mental health during their careers.

A recent study commissioned by Nestle considered the mental health of chefs in the UK. The disturbing findings revealed that 81% have experienced poor mental health during their careers and nearly half consider not enough is being done to address this issue of mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Among the factors contributing to their stress were staff shortages, time pressure, limited budgets and the lack of daylight in their kitchens. These pressures not only affected the individuals suffering, but also their restaurants as almost three quarters reported missing work days due to stress.

One solution to the problem seems to be to allow the chefs more time to be creative. Almost nine in ten chefs stated that more freedom in the kitchen to experiment and be creative would significantly improve stress levels. Unfortunately, as anyone who has worked in a commercial kitchen knows, the environment is usually all about time pressure and budget pressure.

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