Delivery Drivers Eating Your Food

Several food delivery drivers have been caught eating their customer's food!

Delivery driver eating customer food

It is the customer's worst fear. The delivery driver eats their food. The image above is from a recent delivery in Australia, and shows the driver eating the customer's food. The driver can be seen digging into one of the containers before resealing it and repacking the order so the partially eaten container sits at the bottom of the bag.

In what is becoming a small but persistent problem for the major third-party delivery services, another driver was recently caught on camera eating customer food. This time a doorbell camera captured a DoorDash delivery driver take a sip of the milkshake he was about to deliver to a Stockton home.

There are no available statistics on the extent of this problem. There have been a number of incidents caught on camera, but it is hard to say how pervasive the problem is. Would a customer notice if a few fries went missing, or their soda was not completely full?

It is certainly something that both the restaurants and delivery services will have to address. Simple solutions include taping bags and boxes closed, and informing customers to look for sealed items. Of course, this makes the customers aware that there could be an issue, which is not good publicity.

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