Grubhub recently provided data on donut orders.


Grubhub recently examined the changes in it's donut orders over the last year. Here are their findings:

Donut bites: 167% more popular

Iced donut: 128% more popular

Coconut donut: 114% more popular

Creme brulee donut: 105% more popular

Cinnamon roll donut: 99% more popular

Rainbow donut: 97% more popular

Chocolate frosted donut: 92% more popular

Donut sandwich: 82% more popular

Chocolate custard filled donut: 78% more popular

Cinnamon sugar donut: 75% more popular

In the western United States, the honey glazed donut is the most popular (572% more popular this year), followed by crème brulee (357%) and churro (340%). The Midwest keeps it traditional, with the old-fashioned donut topping the list (529% more popular this year), followed by chocolate glazed (449%). The Northeast is getting trendy, with vegan donuts on the rise (695% more popular), followed by donut sundae (658%) and Nutella croissant donut (431%). Finally, the South keeps it simple, with sugar-covered and filled donuts leading the pack.

Crazy donut concoctions are also prevalent throughout the country, with standout donut orders including Thai donut with sweet milk sauce, donut bacon melt, grasshopper donut, mac and cheese donut, and espresso honeycomb donut.

Although donuts are increasing in popularity throughout the day, Grubhub reports that breakfast remains the #1 time to order donuts, followed by lunch and late-night.

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