DoorDash Is Now Market Leader In Third-Party Food Delivery

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

According to a recent report from market research firm Edison Trends, Doordash has pulled ahead of Grubhub in terms of their share of consumer spending for food deliveries.

Third-Party Food Delivery Market

Until recently, Grubhub was the market leader among the on-demand food delivery platforms. However, as of February 2019, DoorDash has edged ahead with a 28% share of total consumer spending, followed by Grubhub with 27% and Uber East with 25%.

The on-demand food delivery market is brutally competitive, with each of the major players either planning to go public or raising substantial sums through financing rounds. Investors are pouring billions into these companies in the belief that they will eventually offer delivery of a whole range of items to the increasingly demanding stay home consumer.

The report also revealed some other interesting data. Although second in terms of consumer spend, Uber Eats leads competitors in terms of total orders processed. The reason for this appears to be that the average consumer spend per order on Uber Eats is significantly lower than its competitors.

For those unfamiliar with Caviar, it is more of a niche service that offers delivery from higher end restaurants, many of them exclusive to it's platform.

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