Food Delivery Apps:Usage and Demographics

A new research study from Zion and Zion reveals important information about the usage of food delivery apps.

Among the key insights:

  • Grubhub is the most popular delivery service with 37.8% of respondents using the app, followed by Uber Eats at 36%, DoorDash at 19.9%, and Postmates at 9.8%

  • Usage declines with age, with 63% of respondents aged 18 to 29 saying they used a delivery app in the prior 90 days, followed by 51% of those aged 30-44, 29% of those aged 45-60 and just 14% of the 60 plus age group.

  • Perhaps surprisingly, usage seems to decline with income, with 51.6% of the lowest income group (earning less than $10k per year) using a delivery app, while just 44.6% of the next highest income group ($10k-$25K per year) used an multi restaurant delivery app.

The study notes that this research supports other studies from UBS and Morgan Stanley highlighting the strong growth of delivery and usage of multi-restaurant delivery apps such as Uber Eats and GrubHub. It also warns that restaurant operators would be ill advised to ignore this trend.

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