Food Delivery Market Continues Rapid Growth

New restaurant industry report confirms the continued rapid growth of the food delivery market.

Food Delivery Shows Rapid Growth

We are much too polite to say "I told you so" even though this site is all about off premise dining. Anyway, in its annual State of the Restaurant Industry Report, the National Restaurant Association outlined how the restaurant business is faring and what operators can expect over the next decade.

On the subject of off-premise dining, or delivery, the report says "a major part of consumer demand includes off-premises. Building out the segment can give restaurants a competitive edge. This growing demand among consumers will make off-premises options important drivers across the industry in 2019. Successful operators will focus on the daypart that works best for their segment,” the report stated.

The Association found that 38 percent of adults in the U.S.—and 50 percent of millennials—are more likely to have restaurant food delivered to them than they were just two years ago. This means that owners and operators need to have a strategy to deal with these growing demands, as they are not going away anytime soon.

Percent of customer traffic that is off-premises

  • Family Dining: 20%

  • Casual Dining: 17%

  • Fine Dining: 6%

  • Quick Service: 72%

  • Fast Casual:  50%

Percent of restaurants reporting an increase in delivery sales

  • Family Dining: 63%

  • Casual Dining: 72%

  • Fine Dining: 55%

  • Quick Service: 49%

  • Fast Casual:  64%

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