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Updated: Mar 8

Which Coffee Chains Provide The Best Free Wi-Fi? recently answered the serious question of which coffee or tea chains provide the fastest free Wi-Fi. Ok, so maybe you haven't been lying awake at night wondering about that, but if you spend time in those establishments, you do appreciate fast and free Wi-Fi. I am writing this in a coffee shop right now. Look up and maybe you will see me!

Given the number of people who now work remotely, and who drink coffee, tea, juice or anything else offered by these chains, the availability of free and fast Wi-Fi is both a selling point and great convenience to customers. In fact, it has become a necessary feature to remain competitive.

As you can see from the chart, and there are more details in the article, Joe & The Juice (a fast expanding chain of juice bars and coffee shops) offered the fastest Wi-Fi, narrowly beating out Dunkin, with Starbucks some distance behind.

PS - The headline is a TOP GUN reference. If you have never heard the line, or seen the movie, then you are missing out!

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