Is Click-and-Collect The Next Big Thing For Food Ordering

What if we ordered click-and-collect but took an Uber to pick it up? Mind Blown!

Uber Eats has launched a click-and-collect option through its app, called Pick-Up. The company piloted the service in select U.S. cities in the beginning of the year, and has expanded it to other cities.

Click-and-collect is simply a way to order food digitally and pick it up yourself. Sorry, I mean "collect" it yourself from the restaurant. Click-and-collect has been popular with fast food chains like KFC and McDonald's for some time.

In an era of choice and convenience above all else this makes sense. It offers yet another choice for consumers to get their meal, along with drive-thrus, ordering at kiosks, and that old-fashioned notion of standing at a counter and ordering from a person. I mean how quaint is that?

Click-and-collect actually makes a lot of sense. It gives the consumer another option without hurting the restaurant and it actually helps the third-party platforms like Uber Eats since they are struggling to make their delivery services profitable.

Now what would you call it if you ordered click-and-collect but took an Uber to pick up your meal. I think my head just exploded.

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