Is Flat Rate Delivery Subscription The Future?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Netflix has an unlimited subscription service and Amazon Prime offers unlimited free delivery. Is this the model for food delivery companies?

When two of the worlds most successful and profitable companies both offer an unlimited subscription model, it is probably worth paying attention. That is exactly what a growing number of the food delivery platforms are considering. For a fixed monthly subscription you get unlimited deliveries in your area.

Postmates was the first to offer this in 2016. For around $10 per month subscribers get unlimited deliveries on orders above a certain amount from participating restaurants in their area.

Doordash has recently rolled out their own version called DashPass. Like Postmates there are some restrictions. It is only available on orders over $15 and only from participating restaurants. The monthly subscription is $9.99 and users may cancel at any time. If you are a regular user of either service you will almost certainly save money with the subscription model.

Market leader GrubHub has so far not offered any subscription plans, but rival Uber Eats has been testing a loyalty program in the United Kingdom.

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