Kitchen United Expands It's Cloud Kitchen Network

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

For future Virtual Restaurant operators without a physical kitchen, or lacking additional capacity, Cloud Kitchens maybe the answer.

For future Virtual Restaurant operators that do not have a physical commercial kitchen, or do not have extra capacity in their existing kitchen, Cloud Kitchens may be the answer. That is certainly the view of the two major players in this space: Kitchen United and Cloud Kitchens (backed by former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick).

Both of these companies provide dedicated food production facilities combined with insights and ideas on how to profitably expand into the food delivery business. They essentially rent commercial kitchen space together with some business intelligence, and resources to succeed with lower risk and capital outlay than opening your own restaurant. Think of them as WeWork for restaurants.

Both are on an aggressive expansion mission to cover more of the US and in some cases overseas too.

Kitchen United expects to open 15 additional locations in the coming year in markets including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver and New York City. Kitchen United currently has kitchen centers open in Pasadena, California and River North in Chicago, Illinois.

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