Martha Stewart For Postmates

Postmates introduces a series of new commercials featuring Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Promotes Postmates

You have probably noticed an increasing number of the big four third-party delivery platforms (Postmates, Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash) are advertising on television. In the latest move in this super competitive market, Postmates has unveiled a series of ads featuring its newest spokesperson, Martha Stewart.

According to the company's press release " Postmates, the leader in enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand, today introduces a series of new commercials featuring Martha Stewart. Martha, the beloved entrepreneur, food icon and television personality, joins forces with Postmates to show humorous real-life scenarios that show that life in the kitchen isn't always perfect and sometimes you just need to "Postmate it."

Each film in the series begins with Martha instructing an audience on how to make one of her favorite dishes. From there we see a person in the real world watching Martha on a screen, frantically trying to keep up. As they attempt to follow her instructions, things quickly fall apart and Martha begins to notice. As this situation in the real world goes sideways, Martha finally encourages people to just "Postmate it" instead.

The "Postmate It" films can be viewed at:

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