No Delivery Available From World's Largest Underwater Restaurant

Ok, so this is not strictly a Virtual Restaurant story. But when we discovered there are at least 14 underwater restaurants around the world we had to write something about them!

World's Largest Underwater Restaurant - Under

This week saw the opening of the world's largest underwater restaurant, five and a half meters below the water surface in Norway. Appropriately names "Under", it has been in development for over 2 years. So far as we can tell, delivery is not available, and the forty-seat restaurant is booked several months out. The tasting menu, comprised of 18 seafood inspired delicacies, takes approximately 4 hours to enjoy.

Billing yourself as the world's largest underwater restaurant may not seem that hard as you might wonder if there are many other underwater restaurants. It turns out that although Under is the first underwater restaurant in Europe, there are at least 14 other underwater restaurants around the globe.

Strictly speaking, some of these 14 underwater restaurants are actually inside aquariums like this glass-walled submarine restaurant in Spain. But since diners are still surrounded by spectacular sea life, the effects are similar.

Submarine Restaurant In Valencia, Spain

Perhaps the most spectacular is the 10 table 5.8 Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives. It is an all-glass undersea structure that is truly unique.

5.8 Underwater Restaurant Maldives

For those of you seeking even more adventure, there is a fully underwater hotel on a private island, or under a private island, in Fiji. Just don't go for a stroll outside in the middle of the night!

Poseidon Underwater Suite

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