Ordering In When You Are out

In a hybrid between a virtual kitchen, third-party delivery app, and a simple take-out menu, 2ndKitchen provides more dining options to establishments without kitchens.

In the pre-digital age, you might have seen a take-out menu in your hotel room from a local restaurant. In fact, some hotels still have them either to supplement their in-house dining options or to replace them. 2ndKitchen is a sort of digital version of that.

Targeted at bars, hotels, hospitals and other establishments without their own kitchen, but who want to offer their customers/patients/visitors/clients food, 2ndKitchen seamlessly links local restaurant menus to the establishment.

2ndKitchen connects a local restaurant, or several local restaurants, with a bar, for example. The customers in the bar can then order food using their phone or a tablet provided by the bar. The order goes directly to the local restaurant which delivers the food in take-out boxes. The bar never handles or replates the food avoiding any issues with food preparation licensing, and the customer is aware that the food came from a local restaurant.

2ndKitchen takes care of all the administrative side setting up the technology, taking the payments, providing performance data and customer support. The service is free to the bar since 2ndKitchen takes a commission on the meal cost. 2ndKitchen does charge customers a service fee for optional additional items such as setting up an ordering kiosk.

Although customers can only order from one restaurant at a time, the system can be set up with different restaurants on different days, providing the bar owners with a varied offering for their customers.

2ndKitchen is a Chicago based startup which is only a year old. It recently raised $1.35 million in venture capital to develop and expand its operations. The company plans to expand to more US cities as well as to more businesses such as co-working spaces, building condos and more, providing a type of virtual room service.

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