Our Vision of Restaurants In 2030

We present one vision of the future of restaurants.

How Would You Like Your Steak Grown?

A recent article about a Singapore-based company growing shrimp and other crustaceans in the lab, got us thinking about the restaurant of the future. Let's imagine it is 2030. What could the restaurant industry look like? Well if we simply extrapolate and build on current trends, here is one version of what we might see.


Virtual Restaurant Ordering

Most food will be cooked in central kitchens and delivered. The ordering process will take place though Virtual Reality headsets which will display detailed images of each dish, which can be ordered seamlessly simply by looking at digital menus and blinking twice to order. We have no idea if the development in digital smell technology will catch on though.


Not Quite - But Driverless Cars and Drones WILL Deliver Your Food

This is an easy one. All meals will be delivered by a combination or drones, driverless cars, and small autonomous delivery robots. Fully articulated human-like robots will still be 10 years away.


"Healthy" Lab Grown Food

Most of our food will be grown in "virtual farms'. That means they will be grown from cells in laboratories and engineered to smell and taste like food while being sustainable, and "healthy".


Automated Kitchen Of The Future

We won't quite have the Star Trek food synthesizer, but kitchens will be highly automated. The large chains such as McDonald's will have vast central automated kitchens that can automatically accept digital orders, prepare, cook, package and place the meal in the basket of a drone or robot for delivery.

Nothing here is at all impossible or unreasonable. Whether the world will be a better off with this progress......well that's a much tougher question!

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