Postmates New Party Delivery Promises Lower Delivery Costs

Postmates just launched Postmates Party, that allows customers to share deliveries and save on popular restaurants.

Postmates Delivery Bikes

Saving money on your delivery fees sounds like a great idea, as does grouping orders together from restaurants close to each other to customers close to each other. That is the theory behind Postmates Party, which according to the company's press release "is an innovative new product that gives customers a fun way to save money on popular restaurants. When in the app, Postmates Party shows customers a list of places that people in their neighborhood are ordering from at that exact moment. By joining the Party, customers can share the delivery from popular restaurants and get free delivery."

"Launching in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, Orange County and Philadelphia, each Party has a five-minute time limit in which the customer must place their order to get the deal. To join a Party, just open the Postmates app and tap on the Postmates Party tab. The trending merchants will be shown and customers who place an order before the time runs out get free delivery on the Postmates Party order."

So, what's the problem? Well, if you have ever watched the little real-time delivery icon on your food delivery app appear to go the wrong way or get stuck in one place, you probably already know. Delivery is all about speed and convenience. You want your food delivered as fast as possible and as fresh (hot, cold or whatever) as possible.

Track your delivery in real-time

There is nothing wrong with offering the customer a choice, of course. Just be aware that your party delivery, especially if the party size is large, could mean a longer wait for your food.

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