Shepherd's Pie To Gate Six Please!

Uber Eats has announced a partnership at Toronto Pearson International Airport to deliver food to customers directly at certain airport gates.

A few days ago, on April 1st to be exact, we posted an April fools joke about Uber Eats delivering directly to planes while in flight. Well, this is not quite that yet, but seriously? Do we need food delivered to our our gate? Apparently some people think we do.

In part of a worldwide first pilot program (pun intended), Toronto Pearson International Airport has partnered with Uber Eats and HMSHost to bring delivery from HMSHost restaurants directly to customers at their specific airport gates in the Canadian airport's Terminal 3 International and Domestic Departures area, a news release said.

The app-based service allows travelers to get everything from burgers, burritos and smoked meat, to shawarma, shepherd's pie and fish and chips right at their departure gate.

This is what Uber Eats had to say: "Deliveries are available from HMS Host restaurants inside terminal 3, and travelers can use the Uber Eats mobile app to order. Of course, travelers should consider flight and boarding times when ordering. We want orders to be delivered as quickly as possible. Average delivery times depend on how busy a restaurant is when an order is placed, what food is ordered, and how many orders were placed beforehand. We advise travelers to place an order at least 10-20 minutes before boarding.”

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