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Shiok Raises $4.6 Million To Develop Cell-Based Shrimp

Singapore-based Shiok Meats recently completed a $4.6 million seed round, funding their ambition to create an alternative to the unsustainable shrimp industry. The founders leveraged their backgrounds in biology and cell science create the world’s first “clean shrimp.”

The current $40 billion shrimp industry suffers from three problems. It is unsustainable, it employs dubious labor practices, and up to 30% of products represented as shrimp are in fact some other sea creature.

Shiok showcased their first ever cell-based Shiok Shrimp dumpling at The Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit (DFSS) in March in Singapore. Shiok Shrimp’s clean meat is grown under controlled and clean conditions, eliminating food-borne diseases, antibiotic resistance, and harmful chemicals.

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