Some Schools Ban Food Deliveries

Two Wilmington Delaware schools have banned food deliveries to students during the day.

Last week two schools in Wilmington banned meals from food delivery services like Grubhub and DoorDash being delivered to students on campus during the day. This follows another school earlier this year that asked parents to stop dropping off fast food to their kids.

A School District spokeswoman said there were safety concerns with letting complete strangers on campus as the popularity of meal delivery apps has continued to grow. With all the violence on school grounds around the country many schools have security plans in place. Having to deal with random delivery couriers trying to access the campus is just an additional headache that no one needs.

Last year a high school in California’s Bay Area banned deliveries after the school’s front office was overwhelmed with couriers. We expect more schools will follow if parents continue to send food to their kids at school.

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