Starship Technologies Expands College Campus Delivery Robot Services

Starship Technologies just expanded it robot delivery food service to another campus, this time in Arizona.

Robots Invade George Mason University Campus

Starship Technologies is a five year old technology company that makes autonomous delivery robots about the size of a cooler, targeting the food and package delivery market. As it states on the company website "we believe our robots will revolutionise food and package deliveries, offering people convenient new services that improve everyday life."

The cooler sized vehicles, weighing less than 100 pounds, can carry items within a 4-mile radius. The cargo door is locked during the journey, and unlocked by the delivery customer using their smartphone. The location of the robot is tracked at all times and the customer notified of progress. The robots are electronically powered making them clean and green.

This week, Starship expanded it's services to Northern Arizona University's Flagstaff campus, marking their first commercial deployment in Arizona. The previous rollout was at George Mason University in January of this year, and an interesting trend has emerged.

According to the company, the students on campus adopted the service immediately, flooding the system with so many orders that it had to close down during certain hours. However, while dinner orders represented the largest share of all orders in the first few weeks, this changed to breakfast orders which now dominate the orders. The company explains this “breakfast is an easy meal to miss. Imagine you’re running late for class or you don’t want to leave your bed after an evening of ‘studying’. Our robots allow the breakfast to come to you, at a time you want. We’ve found this to be very popular with students to date at GMU.” Now if they can just make a robot that can got to class for us......

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