The Gig Economy Faces A Shortage Of Drivers

With billions pouring in to platforms like DoorDash and Postmates, delivery services are finding that drivers have more choices and are having to work harder to attract sufficient resources.

So-called Gig Economy drivers now have more choices than ever from Uber and Lyft to the numerous food delivery platforms and hybrids such as Instacart and Postmates. This trend is forcing the delivery platforms to become more creative in attracting drivers.

DoorDash, for example, recently offered a $50 sign up bous for new drivers. Uber and Lyft have also started to offer bonuses after a certain amount of dollars have been earned. In a sign of just how competitive the industry has become, several websites have sprung up aimed at potential drivers and outlining the deals from each company. Since we cannot verify the accuracy of these sites, we are not providing a link here, but the point is there is increasing demand for gig economy drivers which is forcing employers to come up with creative ways to attract reliable workers.

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