There IS Such A Thing As A Free Lunch

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

In yet another variation on the online ordering concept, a San Francisco based company called Ritual has created a group ordering app for office workers.

Free Lunch Offer

Referring to their concept as a social ordering platform, an app called Ritual allows office workers/colleagues to group together their food orders and then send someone from the office to pick them up. It thus solves any delivery logistical problems, and the designated delivery person earns reward points towards a free lunch, thus providing some incentive for a not especially onerous task.

Consumers pay the regular restaurant price, while Ritual gets a commission from the restaurant. Ritual's main selling point is saving time by ordering ahead and skipping the line. With each purchase, customers also earn Ritual rewards.

Things have certainly come a long way from when your co-worker would shout to you "I'm going to get lunch; do you want anything?" In a press release Ritual states Ritual’s platform is uniquely social and enables consumers to easily connect with their network of colleagues, making ordering more frequent and convenient. Not only can co-workers collaborate on where to order from for lunch, but busy colleagues can also hop on their order and have their co-workers bring their lunch back to their desk for them. By leveraging the power of the peer-to-peer network, Ritual elevates the social network effect at the local level, generating incremental value to local merchants.

Currently available in around 20 US cities, there are plans to expand using the $100+ million the company has secured in venture capital.

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