Uber Eats May Or May Not Be Testing An Unlimited Subscription Plan!

You heard it, or didn't hear it here first.

It seems like Uber Eats is considering an unlimited delivery subscription plan for $9.99 a month.

The subscription would waive Uber’s service fee that’s typically 15% of your order cost. Given that’s often $5 or more, users stand to save a lot if they order in frequently. But Uber could still earn money on menu item markups, cover costs with a flat order fee that protects against someone ordering a single taco, and, most importantly, build loyalty and scale at a time of intense food delivery competition.

It appears that anyone ordering more than couple of times a month on average would benefit from this plan. Postmates and Doordash already offer subscription plans.

Uber Eats have not formally announced this service, nor even confirmed it exists. However, they have not denied it either. Given the competitive nature of the third-party delivery business and the fact that Uber Eats main rivals, DoorDash and Postmates offer a similarly priced unlimited delivery subscription service, it seems plausible that Uber Eats would at least test this service.

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