Uber Eats Reveals Flying Delivery

Uber East has just revealed the future of food delivery - flying winged suits.

Uber Eats Flying Delivery - Photo "borrowed" from AbuDhabi World

If you haven't read the latest issue of AbuDhabi World there is an article announcing that Uber Eats has developed a winged suit made of single-crystal titanium and trained delivery experts that are capable of delivering up to 25 meals in one go. The suit is not for home delivery, but targeted at passengers in flight who are not satisfied with the onboard meal choices.

Powered by a supercomputer helmet that’s connected to ground control, your aerial appetite satisfier is guided to the right plane, synchronizes with the aircraft’s cruising speed and delivers the meal via a tube that connects to the interior cabin, for a seamless dispatch.

While many of us probably think that is a good idea given the quality of meals on planes, and while the article no doubt reflects the April 1st publication date, it got us thinking. In 25 years would someone reading this even get the joke? Aside from the delivery tube, everything else about this is entirely possible. Oh well, happy April 1st.

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