Virtual Restaurants Are Expanding Virtually Everywhere

The huge growth of the Virtual Restaurant industry is not just a US phenomenon. Already strong in India, and the UK, a German company has just raised $14 million.

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Keatz, a Berlin-based Virtual Restaurant company, has raised nearly $14 million in additional funding, having already raised $8 million last year.

Keatz operates 8 Virtual Restaurant brands out of 10 cloud kitchens across Europe. The company is planning to use the funds to expand its footprint across Europe.

In a variation on the model emerging in the US, Keatz uses a hub-and-spoke food production model. It prepares its food in a central kitchen, freezes it, and sends it to it's network of small ghost kitchens located across Europe. These kitchens reheat the food, package it, and deliver to customers using the usual group of third-party delivery companies like Uber Eats.

Since each location can accommodate up to 10 virtual brands, this gives Keatz a great deal of flexibility. If a brand is not performing well in a location, they can simply close it for little to no cost and replace it with a different food concept.

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