What's An Online Delivery Search Engine?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

We'll tell you in a minute, but one just raised $2 million in funding!

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FoodBoss, which describes itself as "the world’s largest online food ordering search engine that allows users to find the best delivery deal across multiple food delivery services", just secured more than $2 million in venture capital financing.

FoodBoss is an all-in-one online food delivery search engine that aggregates data from food services companies like Postmates and Caviar. Consumers can compare which service has the best price, fastest delivery, and most convenience. Additionally, users can see around 50,000 restaurants that deliver food in their city, with the list aggregated from multiple delivery companies. FoodBoss currently covers 50 major markets.

Customers in the cities currently served, can enter their address and see what restaurants nearby offer delivery. They can also search by restaurant name, cuisine, or food type to compare delivery times, order minimums, and delivery fees. From there, the customer can make their selection and are redirected to that delivery service to complete their order.

FoodBoss says the service is completely free, and claims it saves customers money by finding the most affordable delivery option.

As the third-party delivery industry grows, it was probably only a matter of time before someone tried to aggregate this. Aggregators are commonplace in the travel and leisure industry as well as insurance, financial services and many other industries. Although FoodBoss is in a limited number of cities, and frankly is limited by the fact that many restaurants only exist on a single delivery platform, it certainly has room to grow and expand its offering. If nothing else, it may make delivery companies more transparent and accountable and increase their competitiveness.

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