Which Chains Rank Best For Takeout Order Accuracy?

Nothing infuriates customers more than getting the wrong items in their takeout order. A new study ranks the best and worst chains for takeout accuracy.

McDonald's Drive-Thru

A recent study named Technomic’s Takeout and Off-Premise Consumer Trend Report, found that carryout and delivery orders make up 58 percent of foodservice purchases among consumers who use takeout at least once a month. The company analyzed the accuracy of takeout orders from all the major chains. Here are the order accuracy percentages for some of the major chains.

Chick-fil-A 78.3%

In-N-Out Burger 75.8%

Jack in the Box 53.6%

Taco Bell 53.0%

Burger King 48.4%

McDonald's 47.4%

These numbers are frankly disappointing for a service-based industry and show significant room for improvement.

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